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Additional services provided by BAS Engineering for existing steam systems are from steam production to end-use.

  • Assist in Problem solving by investigating
  • Piping analysis
  • Steam pipe insulation requirements
  • Condensate system inspection
  • Suggested Piping Design and Equipment Layout
  • Consulting
  • Professional services



Selecting BAS Engineering is like selecting your portfolio manager, you're looking for a return. Also, BAS Engineering provides the best professional services possible with the information given.


Why Concise Studies and Inspections with Reports are Necessary:

Existing steam heating piping systems are normally maintained only during as-needed basis. Also, inspection reports of the piping are usually determined by spot-checks or line of site conditions.

Whenever a portion of an existing steam system is replaced with new, a domino effect will often occur if a thorough study of the system is not completed.

If the system steam pressure is reduced to conserve energy costs, it usually is effective but it is possible that a domino effect will occur and unexpected additional costs will appear if a study with recommendations are not performed prior to reducing the steam pressure.

Is your stream system operating efficiently? Do you need to know if your stream system is operating efficiently? Is there a problem that you don't know how to fix? Also, is there information or an assessment needed about your stream system? Contact BAS Engineering Email (basengineering@westol.com), or go to the 'CONTACT US' page or snail mail (PO Box 1823, Greensburg PA 15601) or call - 724-837-7586 (home phone) to get further information.

Is your stream meter recording accuratly? Is the stream orifice installed correctly?
For further details contact BAS Engineering.

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